Online Pizza Ordering 101: Don’t Let “Big Chains” Dominate Your Area!

Online Pizza Ordering, Everything You Need to Know to Get Started!

Online pizza ordering has changed the pizza industry and opened up huge potential revenue streams for all types of takeout and delivery restaurants. Just look at what the “Big chains” are doing these days! Nearly every advertisement you see on tv, hear on the radio, or view in print or online is heavily promoting online ordering and exclusive “online only” special offers.sell pizza online

This is a Wake Up Call!
If you want to prevent the Big Chains from stealing your customers, it is essential to get your own online ordering pizza website and connect with new and existing customers on a frequent basis. Don’t get left behind and lose your loyal customers by neglecting the value added by convenience. This is serious stuff…

How To Start:
Online pizza ordering is NOT difficult – invest in an affordable online pizza ordering website and let the web design and hosting company do all of the hard work for you (it’s usually included in a small initial setup fee). Your website has to be designed in a manner that it truly reflects your restaurant and its products. Once your website is built an up and running, make sure that all of your flyers, box toppers, doorhangers and direct mailing contain your website ordering details in bold.

If you are tired of seeing “big chain”delivery vehicles dominate your area, it’s time for you to get online. Take a bigger slice of your local pizza market with a new online ordering service. Even better, customers who order online spend 18-25% MORE than with traditional phone-in orders!


How do I get paid for the orders?
When creates your online ordering site, you choose the payment options you want to offer, including:

  • Credit Card (card information provided on order form – you process through your POS)
  • Check
  • Cash

How do I receive the orders at the restaurant?
Once a customer places an order, you’ll receive instant notification via your choice of:

  • Email and Fax
  • Email and SMS text message
  • Email and PC Notification *FREE software included for this option

What does an online ordering site cost?
Probably a lot less than you think!

  • Online ordering site setup: $99
  • Monthly Hosting: $39.99
  • Online transactions included in plan: 25
  • Each additional transaction $.50

AND – you can supercharge your sales with marketing packages designed to help drive traffic to your new online ordering site!

How long does it take to create an online ordering site?
You’ll receive a link to your new online ordering site about a week after you place your order.

So what are you waiting for? Start fighting back, gaining market share, and increasing your sales with an  affordable online pizza ordering website!

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