The Average Online Pizza Order is 18% Higher than Orders by Phone

Online pizza ordering has become the way to order pizza for most people these days. Recent statistics have shown the average pizza order is around 18% higher than orders called in by phone. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why the big chains are making their presence felt on the internet – the one place most independent restaurants fail to fight back.

Over time, as technology advances, businesses have to step up to the challenge and adapt to the latest marketing techniques. If you consider the difference, 18%, it is truly staggering. Even a small mom and pop restaurant with decades worth of loyalty will eventually lose “the convenience game” to the chains if they do not transition their takeout/carryout business online to make it easier for customers. At a certain point, loyalty becomes a burden when too much convenience is overlooked.

There are many reasons as to why people choose to order more online. The person placing the order can do it from anywhere with internet access, taking his own time to place the order and browse options. There is no waiting for the call to get through or “hoping” that a young employee writes down your order correctly. A customer, while placing the order online, can use the interactive menu and customize the pizza to his heart’s content before placing the order and this can lead to larger order sizes. The possibilities are endless!

Most online pizza restaurant sites allow the customer to select any of the previous orders that he had placed for “quick reorders” – just checkout PH’s website for a great example. This simplifies the process for the customer and he doesn’t have to repeat the entire process from the last time he placed an order – it all comes back to convenience. All the advantages of ordering online have enabled the average pizza order to be 18% more than orders taken by phone, and it has opened the door for pizza operators to increase order frequency and marketing via email and text messages. After all, every online order captures the customers contact information and provides them with the option to “opt-in” to future offers.

In summary, make sure that you have a attractive website with easy online ordering. Some customers literally refuse to call in orders these days. More and more frequently, customers are relying on online ordering and the “big chains” are the only ones pressing hard to capture this massive revenue stream.

Irrespective of whether you are a small, medium, or big sized pizza restaurant, you’ve got to add online ordering to your customer options!

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